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About the book:

With their marriage on hold, Shane begins to stumble. All he wants is to be

Julien's husband but he just can't seem to make the right choices when it

comes to proving to Julien that he is his top priority.

To make matters harder, Shane is being forced to see the hatred in the world.

Being in an interracial BDSM relationship isn't welcomed by all. Most

surprisingly from Shane's so called friends and others from their small BDSM


Julien and Shane work together breaking through roadblocks to stay together as a

black and white BDSM couple. No matter how hard Shane tries, he gets in his

own way, with a little help from a couple of people actively working against them

as a couple.

The couple fights against their enemies to stay together. When things get rough,

they fight for their love.

This story is a story of love and hate with a well-deserved HEA

end to the series.

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