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E-Book and Paperback here:

It’s also on audio.

A Narrated by Raymond Zavor

Audible Sample coming soon:


About the book:

Gang member Dante Medina committed an unforgivable offence

against his family, friends, and gang. It was only a matter of time

until his homeboys would jump him out of the gang or worse. His

life in East Los Angeles as he knew it would end at the

age of twenty-four. His father sent his two older brothers

to take him to his aunt’s house in Santa Monica. Dante

thought his family was working together to save

im from the gang, but that wasn’t what happened.

Ex-army officer, protector and Dom, James chose to protect

Dante. He is warned to never break the security

rules and to accept James’s decisions at all times, or his

punishment will be harsh. Dante happily accepted the rules and

consequences of the Gay Protection Society conditions.

Unfortunately, no amount of protection can alter the



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