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About the book:

Shane O’Rourke screws up. He has the best intentions, but doesn’t always think

things through. He means well, really he does. Shane gives up his old habits of

stealing, lying, and using drugs, but he isn’t the perfect sub. He has some slip-

ups here and there. He loves his Dom, and desires to please him in every way.

Shane is determined to be honest, but when he finds himself in a big mess, he

would do anything to not disappoint his Dom. He fears losing Julien’s love and

care. One mess leads Shane into another. And this one threatens more than just

his contract.

Julien Callier needs to get Shane under control. When Julien thinks his sub has

cheated on him, he doubts his ability to meet Shane's needs. Shane would be

devastated if he lost his collar and Julien’s love. Shane’s sole purpose is to

convince his Dom he is worthy to wear his collar. Can their D/s relationship

and their love whether Shane’s mess ups and Julien’s loss of trust in his sub?

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