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Loyalty Required BY BRINA BRADY

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Narrated by Raymond Zaver

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About the book:

The Chernovs and the Banetti family have been at odds for years. Ben Banetti fights to

be with Mishka Chernov, but his Italian mafia family continues to interfere with

their relationship. When Ben’s father disowns him, he finds a new one in

Shurik, Mishka’s father, who welcomes him as his son. Living with Mishka

causes unforeseen consequences for the couple and those around them.

Mishka desires the same freedom and separation from the family business that Ben has,

and his father agrees to help him go legitimate. He continues to work at

strengthening his relationship with Ben as the couple explores a BDSM

relationship. There are plenty of thrilling, dangerous moments, and emotional

and tender moments as they dodge danger from coast to coast.

Loyalty Required is about two gay men raised by mob bosses, realizing their families are

enemies, regardless both want their happily ever after. This story is book two

of a MM romance that follows their relationship. It has some D/s and light

BDSM elements. 

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