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About the book:

Russian mobster Dmitri Dubrovsky and ex-rent boy

Brennen are hiding out in the German woods with those

closest to them, and not everyone is happy. Living in a

small cabin took its toll on the married couple. Everyone’s

safety is dependent on Dmitri, meaning he and Brennen

don't spend enough alone time.

Brennen with his sneaky self is finding his way back to his

old tricks. The struggles that these two men go through

bring out the best and the worst of each. Jealousy is still a

big issue for both of them, but they manage to squeeze in

some kinky and playful sex. There are some difficulties

when they balance their Domestic Discipline Relationship

in their marriage.

They find danger when a secret meeting in Amsterdam

with a trusted source turns out to be a betrayal. A brother

goes missing, leaving an additional burden on Dmitri's


Complications with a drug lord see them traveling to

Mexico to sort the problem out, but when one problem is

solved another arises when they return home. Something

that will change their lives forever. Can their marriage

handle the change?

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